In NABU told when the "wiretap" of MPs will work


In NABU told when the The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine cannot yet engage in "wiretapping", as some regulatory acts have to be brought into compliance with the law.

"Fixing in the CCP of Ukraine NABU's right to" wiretap "is a real victory. However, NABU will not be able to use it immediately.
First of all, it is necessary to bring into compliance with the provisions of Article 263 of the CPC of Ukraine normative legal acts, which to date regulate the procedures for the establishment and use of technical means for conducting operational-search measures and unspoken investigative (investigative) actions for the removal of information from transport telecommunication networks, and to build the infrastructure that will ensure the practical implementation of the powers granted to NABU, ”NABU press service reports.

the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine notes that the process of launching wiretaps is quite complicated, as it is necessary to regulate technical solutions with authorized state bodies and telecommunications operators.

It should be reminded that on October 4, 330 MPs voted for independent audition by the NABU and DBR bodies.

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