Ex-MP Tatiana Chornovol: "I Still Have to Become President of Ukraine"


Ex-MP Tatiana Chornovol: 
Former People's Front MP Tatyana Chornovil on the Espresso TV channel in Dossier with Sergiy Rudenko said that she had a desire to become president.

The presenter asked Chornovil who she saw in the future as a journalist, revolutionary, politician or history maker. What the ex-deputy said that she plans to be a statesman, but does not plan to return to journalism. When asked if Tatiana would like to be president, she replied:

"No. One day, it just occurred to me. I sailed on a ferry to Georgia, it was 2015, and saw then the already occupied Crimea ... Then the idea emerged: I still have to become President of Ukraine to return Crimea. This is the only time. For the sake of some ambition - no. "

We will remind that the ex-deputy in court Pashinsky attacked the journalist and scratched his hand.

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