Kolomoisky advised Poroshenko to be more careful with words


Kolomoisky advised Poroshenko to be more careful with words 
Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky advised ex-President Poroshenko to choose the words in his statements, if they relate to the Kolomoisky channel "1 + 1" and also to Igor Valerievich.

"Peter Oleksiyovych should speak very carefully to the address" 1 + 1 "and preferably Kolomoisky, because we will start to analyze all his heroic past in 5 years ...
In late 2014 or sometime in early 2015, a competition was held for the sale of 25% of Vinnytsiaoblenergo shares, which were still in the State Property Fund, and when one of our companies participated (in the competition - editorial), it was traded, Poroshenko personally I was outraged that "you went to this competition raised the price for me" and the like.
Personally, he admitted that it was his stock. And because of the fact that some company affiliated with me went out, he was outraged because he had to take two or three more steps and pay more.
He was extremely dissatisfied with this, as a president. So when he says that he has nothing to do with it ... this company ("Enero Vinnitsa" - Ed.) Is 100 percent of its subsidiary owned by "Vinnitsaoblenergo" or the same shareholders that own "Vinnitsaoblenergo". And it has a direct bearing on tariff increases. "

According to oligarch Kolomoisky, even before Poroshenko's presidency, in 2013-2014, Petro Oleksiyovych loaned $ 50 million to Konstantin Grigorishin, and Vinnitsaoblenergo shares were pledged.

We will remind that on October 21 on the channel «1 + 1» there was a program where it was told about Poroshenko's involvement in «Vinnytsiaoblenergo».

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