"European Solidarity" on Kolomoisky TV Channel: "1 + 1" broke through "


Party of the 5th President of Ukraine "European Solidarity" believes that TV channel "1 + 1" is spreading lies in the story about how Poroshenko influenced tariff increases in Vinnytsia.

"The pro-governmental TV channel 1 + 1 punched another moral bottom ... In their next lie they accused of raising the tariffs for water supply in Vinnitsa personally of the fifth President Poroshenko, who in this way allegedly personally" blackmails "Vinnitsa residents.
They have to remind that the formation of utility tariffs is the responsibility of the respective city council. Poroshenko could not, cannot, and could not be involved in the formation of any tariffs.
Solid Lie has become the calling card of Igor Kolomoisky TV channel. Such editorial policy contravenes any standards of journalism and is an unsuccessful attempt to divert the attention of Ukrainian citizens from obvious failures in the economic and social policies of the new government, ”the EU Press Service states.

In a story about Vinnitsa tariffs, the channel's journalists reveal a scheme by which Konstantin Grigorishin, who owns 75% of the Vinnytsiaoblenergo shares, gave his money to Peter Alekseevich in order to earn money on tariffs for Vinnytsia.

Recall that European Solidarity is not the first to complain about the falsehood of 1 + 1 journalists.

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