How does the land affect relations with the IMF?


How does the land affect relations with the IMF? 
Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Tymofiy Milovanov spoke about how the Ukrainian land market will influence cooperation with the International Monetary Fund.

Milovanov stressed that even if the sale of land to foreigners is restricted, it will not affect relations with the IMF.

"I think this restriction will not create problems for us in terms of international partners."

According to the Minister, during the visit to the US, it was not discussed whether they would sell the land to foreigners, but what model of the land market would be in principle.

"We cannot disclose all the details, but there are no specific requirements or desires - it is our internal business, what land market we will make," Milanovov said.

Recall that Milovanov called the song "95 Quarter" "Burned House" such that may worsen the investment climate in Ukraine.

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