"Bogdan is very dangerous" - MEP


 MEP considers Andrew Bogdan dangerous. She said this in a conversation with reporters.

"I doubt in general the environment of President Zelensky, to what extent President Zelensky is properly informed. I see a particular problem with Ms. Bogdan because he is very dangerous," said von Kramon-Taubadel.

"How can Ukrainians like us Europeans trust the one who joined former Prime Minister Azarov during the talks in Russia at the end of November 2013? One who did not feel the moral need to resign from a government post in light of acceptance "dictatorship laws" in early 2014 and then with the deaths of the Maidan? "
"I was naive enough. I thought Zelensky was a new figure, but no. On his own, yes, but not the people behind him. Perhaps some of his companies, 95 Quarters, are professionals who are able to adapt quickly. "What they can do is learn and give him (Zelensky) information. But as long as Bohdan is the most important figure in his office, it will be very difficult for others," said von Kramon-Taubadel.

The deputy also stressed the stop of reforming in the Ministry of Health.

"In the face of these risks, it is quite obvious how much Ukraine needs a Ukrainian parliament that works effectively and consciously on the basis of real democratic procedures. That's why there is a lack in a turbo-mode parliament," added von Kramon-Taubadel.

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