How Jennifer Aniston earned her first million ... subscribers!


 How Jennifer Aniston earned her first million ... subscribers! 

Everyone has their own records: the President of Ukraine Zelensky holds the longest press conference, but actress Jennifer Aniston is the fastest-reaching audience in the world - 1 million people - on Instagram!

The Guinness Book of Records website posted some interesting news: The newly created profile of renowned actress Jennifer Aniston on Instagram has garnered 1 million subscribers in an extremely short time - 5 hours 16 minutes. This is an absolute world record! Earlier, the champions of Prince Harry and Megan Markle were considered champions, because after creating the profile, they had to wait for the first million six hours. Jennifer ahead of the star couple by 44 minutes, her name made history.

Currently, the idol profile of many viewers is already 14.3 million people who are interested in watching Jennifer's life. The star has only 3 posts so far, one of which is a fun short video where she apologizes for breaking Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston decided to join the social network just 4 days ago - October 15th. The first post of the actress is quite symbolic - a photo with the main actors of the cult series "Friends" with the succinct caption "Now we're Instagram FRIENDS too! Hi Instagram!"

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