"No!" plastic bags: Ukraine adheres to European trends



In the European regions have already forgotten about the use of plastic bags and found great alternatives that do not harm the planet and its inhabitants. Ukraine does not stay away from current trends and in the end we will be officially banned from going with plastic bags.

The press service of the Ministry of Energy and the Environment announces that their work is aimed at supporting any restrictions on the use of plastic bags in Ukraine. Since they are in any supermarket or small shop right now, this is a real problem that will take time to solve. Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers has supported a bill banning plastic bags since 2021. That is, very soon it is planned to significantly reduce the turnover of disposable bags and to eliminate the need of the people in them. Nowadays, there are great alternatives: bundles, paper bags, cloth bags, eco-materials, such as linen, etc.

Irresponsible dealers who are found to be in violation - using non-compliant packages and statutory standards - will have to dispose of the packages properly at their own expense.

But there are exceptions to any rules. Therefore, this prohibition does not apply to the use of packages for the packing of fish, meat and bulk products. Although, perhaps, they will find a replacement later.

We remind that Ukrainian stars have become the faces of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are aimed at protecting the planet and improving life in Ukraine.

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