Tired of banal AirPods? New from Apple!


Tired of banal AirPods? New from Apple! 

Apple has not stopped developing and has traditionally won the championship among companies that announce the latest modern devices. Following the successful launch of 3 new iPhones, Apple has revealed a secret novelty that is expected to shock brand fans. Predict that these will be virtual reality glasses and the rumors are confirmed. However, very soon, by the end of this month, Apple will please fans with new advanced AirPods with interesting design and improved functionality.

Macrumors reports: "The release of the novelty will be completed by the end of this month. The cost of Apple headphones will be approximately $ 260." So, the company is pleased with the good price, because the first model AirPods had a higher cost at launch.

According to insiders, this time the manufacturers are particularly concerned with design. Apple has decided that metal alloys should be used, this will provide users with better heat transfer, and the updated design will certainly attract attention.

The company hopes that the improved and brand new model will show significantly better sales results than the AirPods 2. The last model did not impress customers and did not have much demand. According to experts, users of the device simply did not see any noticeable differences from the AirPods 1st generation and preferred 1 model, which is less expensive.

We would like to remind that on October 11 the latest IPhone models - 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - were released in Ukraine. In Citrus, the speed of selling new products has reached a frenzied value: 1 iPhone per minute.

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