Will the WWFC World Champion's Belt in Ukraine Remain?


Will the WWFC World Champion's Belt in Ukraine Remain? 

On November 2, a large-scale WWFC 16 mixed martial arts tournament from the World Warriors Fighting Championship will be held at the Lokomotiv Kharkiv Sports Complex. The main event will be the title match in the weight up to 57 kg between the current WWFC Ireland champion Blaine O'Driscoll and the challenger from Ukraine Denis Bondar.

In March of this year, O'Driscoll made his first appearance at the WWFC Tournament and immediately declared himself loud. SBG Ireland club fighter and sparring partner Conor McGregor has emerged to win the inimitable Ukrainian Teimur Ragimov, the main event at the WWFC 14 show in Kiev.

Much to the chagrin of the local public, Blaine did not break down, falling into a knockdown after the exact hit of the opponent. Moreover, he gradually managed to impose on Taimur his own advantageous course of the fight. So a new lightweight champion appeared in WWFC.

The next fight was 27-year-old O'Driscoll in another popular American promotion - Bellator. On September 27, at the Bellator 227 in Dublin, Blaine met Englishman Jake Hadley and suffered a premature defeat in the third round of suffocation over his back.

However, the WWFC title still belongs to the Irishman, so he will go on to win the next victory in Ukraine, where he will hold the first defense in a duel against a peer from Kharkiv - Denis Bondar.

Denis started his career in professional MMA in 2015, but after four victories - the fighter interrupted his professional career for two and a half years, focusing on amateur performances.

The return of Cooper to the pros took place in July 2018, already under the auspices of WWFC. In order to reach the title fight, Denys needed four fights, each of which he completed in his favor, with three of them - ahead of schedule in the first round.

Bondar's first victim on Road to WWFC 14 was Oleg Carpenter, whom he overcame with a suffocating reception (a "triangle" through his arm) in the starting five-minute turn. Similarly, but already in the third round, Dennis forced to capitulate Ivan Andryushchenko to WWFC 12.

Ending last season on WWFC 13, Bondar knocked out a blow to the knee of Igor Goncharov. And already in May this year, on Road to WWFC 21, he won a technical knockout of Sergei Kupin. Both did not hold out against Denis for three minutes.

WWFC League President Vladimir Tesla comments on the O'Driscoll-Bondar couple: "Of course, the Kharkiv public cheers for their countryman, and the walls of his hometown, which will host the tournament, support the Ukrainian. But in fact, a very intriguing fight is coming, and I'm sure the ending will surprise us. The unpredictability of the match is the experience of both opponents. The Irish, for example, are extremely strong and enduring, having already proved O'Driscoll by winning the world title. As for Bondar, the number of his victories also speaks for itself. In addition, both opponents are very well-trained technically. Therefore, I am no exception, so I look forward to the match and its results. "

The match in any case will be very interesting and will surely surprise the spectators, predict unpredictable moves from both participants.

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