"Too Much": Let's talk about Apple, Google and Amazon



While it is said that nowadays we all live below the poverty line, in other places people are crazy about the new favorite brands. And in 2019, there is already a ranking of the world's most expensive brands, which at the same time are deservedly named the most popular among buyers and users. So, this year, the top three formed the well-known companies Apple, Google and Amazon.

We learn about it from the published rating of Interbrand: «Technological concerns of Apple, Google and Amazon remain the most expensive brands, despite the close attention of the antitrust authorities. In particular, Apple's brand value reached nearly $ 234 billion, up 9%. " Amazon is still winning as a percentage, as the cost has increased by as much as 24% even though in monetary terms it is $ 125.3 billion. Google's mediocre position is up 8% to $ 167.6 billion.

Last year's leader, Coca-Cola, is also worth mentioning. She has been a favorite for a long time, but this year she is clearly losing to competitors, as Coca-Cola is now ranked 5th. The cost is currently $ 64.3 billion, which is a 4% drop.

Also, the most famous Facebook company goes further and further away from the title of the most expensive brand. In 2019, the company ranked 14th in the rating, indicating a fall in value, as last year the company ranked 9th. Over the year, there was a significant decline in value to $ 40 billion, ie 12%.

As a reminder, Nike, Adidas and ESPN have become the undisputed leaders of the world's most expensive sports brands by Forbes.

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