Europe gives Ukraine 12 million euros for cultivation and education


Europe gives Ukraine 12 million euros for cultivation and education 

Ukrainians will be able to excel in culture and education, and this has always had a good impact on society. Ukraine will launch the House of Europe project, and the EU is giving us € 12.2 million for all participation needs! During the project, we will be able to apply for up to 20 grant programs.

Ukrainians are quite active in participating in programs, internships and interesting international events. Of course, any opportunities are important to us, because they allow us to express ourselves and show potential outside the homeland. The House of Europe project is a huge number of trips, internships, participation in symposiums and cognitive discussions and, in fact, the implementation of a project conceived, an original idea in a specific field. An important aspect of the program is the exchange of experience and plans with European artists who will become frequent guests in Ukraine under the terms of the project.

The program was presented by project manager Christian Dimer: “Yesterday the House of Europe launched a website that provides information about the opportunities provided by our program and beyond, we are constantly expanding our database with such information. We will also have a separate office that will come to you and find out how one idea can be implemented. We work with programs in six sectors: culture and creative industries, education, media, social entrepreneurship, medicine and youth work. For this, we have a budget of € 12.2 million, which was provided to us by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine. ”

It is known that 11 contests have already been launched to receive the proposed grants, the next ones will be announced at the beginning of the new year. The project is very large-scale and according to the manager, the location will be cities and regions, "where support and information are most needed." That is why the participants will work "outside the Kiev bubble", paying special attention to the East of Ukraine and any outermost regions.

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