NABU detained Swinarchuk


NABU detained Swinarchuk NABU twice detained former NSDC deputy Oleg Gladkovsky, who was trying to leave Ukraine.

"Gladkovsky tried to depart Ukraine today from Boryspil airport, but was detained at the border by NABU staff."

Initially, NABU officers detained Svinarchuk at the Boryspil airport when he tried to fly out of Ukraine. Then Svinarchuk fled from the Hall of Official Delegations. NABU detained him again in the Kidev restaurant area.

Igor Gladkovsky's son Oleg Gladkovsky was accused of delivering Russian parts at inflated prices to Ukrainian defense companies with the help of gaskets.

We will remind that the amount of thefts of Gladkovsky makes more than 250 million hryvnias.

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