The Prime Minister's adviser told why good roads should be built


The Prime Minister's adviser told why good roads should be built Prime Minister's adviser Yuriy Golik told why building good roads is a strategically important issue for the country. The Advisor is convinced that building good roads gives a number of significant benefits to the country. "Business will become more efficient. Speed ​​and quality of transportation, speed of turnover of goods and money, reduction of depreciation of transport and damage of goods, reduction of cost of transportation - all increase efficiency of business, especially focused on transportation."

According to Golik, good roads make it possible to develop not only big cities, but also villages and towns. "The road that goes through a village or a small town is a source of revenue. Gas stations, hotels, roadside restaurants, truck and car service stations are the first things that come to mind."

Among the top reasons were named inland tourism and the prospects for its development, which will be possible with good transport connection.

Recall that the route Zaporozhye - Mariupol was repaired in less than three months.

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