What is the fate of legal gambling?


What is the fate of legal gambling? 
Legalization of the game business doesn’t mean any residual settlement.

16 of October, the colony was approved by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Agiya Zagrebelska and the journalist Nashi Groshi Yuriy Nikolov held a press conference, they explained that the share of the check was for legal border business. Nikolov and Zagrebelska explained how to be masquerading igrovі automatic machines and bookmaking and lotteries, that is how big the illegal market is.

"In the whole bill, there are less licensed payments. Tobogo, I have to pay specific fees for those who have installed the machine, and I won the price. If you see two licensed payments, you have to pay for the casino you will be set up in the casino 20 frontier machines, for example, for leather automatic devices for licensing payments. All funds will go to the budget, a special fund will be set up, funds will be sent to them, payments for payments will be sent," explained Nicolov.

The journalist, having respect for how to get rich, will be written in the bill abstractly to finish the bill. Not subject to special features.

Nagadaєmo, Volodimir Zelensky speaking about those who legalize the gaming business in Ukraine and allow the tourist to Ukraine.

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