Panami Prosecutors Shouted Powder Pow


Panami Prosecutors Shouted Powder Pow The Panama Prosecutor's Office closed the case against Poroshenko. An open statement by the former AP deputy at the time of Viktor Yanukovych, Andrei Portnov, was closed because "Portnov's statement did not contain any facts that would indicate the involvement of Poroshenko-related companies in these crimes."

Ilya Novikov, Poroshenko's lawyer, told the press.

"On October 3, the first specialized prosecutor's office for combating organized crime, Panama, decided to close the case opened on the statement of Andriy Portnov against President Poroshenko." Said Novikov.

According to the lawyer, the Panama prosecutor's office did investigate the case for 2 months, but decided to close it.

Novikov also stressed that Poroshenko's attorneys filed a petition against Portnov for submitting a deliberately false statement of criminal offense.

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