Kharkiv residents protect Barabashovo


Kharkiv residents protect Barabashovo On October 16, more than two thousand Barabashovo businessmen gathered in Kharkiv to protest the raider seizure of the market. The protesters do not want the construction of the road through Barabashovo, initiated by Gennady Kernes.

Activists say that the construction of the road will save thousands of people jobs, but will not solve the transport issue.
Kharkiv residents protect Barabashovo 

The protesters want that they were heard by deputies and did not demolish Barabashovo. The posters say: "threaten to protect the market at any cost", which was also written on the posters of activists: "Terekhov + Bulldozer = Term", "We will protect our business at any cost", "Deputies - think about people "," Prosecutors Who Don't Become Raiders."
Kharkiv residents protect Barabashovo 

According to the activists, if the city council and decides on the construction of the road, they will support the re-election in the city in every possible way and block construction work on the site.

"Today, someone is specifically tuning us in forcing desperate events, protests, someone very much wants riots in Kharkov, because no one will support the demolition of the market, there people work for 20 years, feed their families," - say entrepreneurs.

Recall that this is not the first «Barabashov protest. Earlier, more than 500 citizens demanded before the city council to stop attacks on the shopping center.

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