Artificial intelligence will be able to detect a brain aneurysm!


Artificial intelligence will be able to detect a brain aneurysm!

The discoveries in science do not cease to amaze! Today, they work as much as possible with artificial intelligence, and it seems to be no wonder. The Ministry of Health of Japan has approved the use of artificial intelligence software to detect brain aneurysms. This is another incredible, even revolutionary, discovery that will benefit society!

NHK reports: "The Japanese Ministry of Health has allowed the use of revolutionary artificial intelligence software to help detect brain aneurysms."

The developers of such software are the geniuses of Japanese venture capital firm LPIXEL. In general, their specialization is the production of artificial intelligence software for image analysis. And it is a new development, the EIRL program, that will be able to analyze MRI images and find possible aneurysms.

The new program is interesting for its "independence", because it can autonomously learn and improve itself, work on its own improvement without any help.

Predictions that different devices will soon be able to replace the human mind no longer seem so unrealistic. For example, this program showed significantly better results during final examinations than professional trained radiologists and neurosurgeons. It is astounding and makes us believe in modern technology at a high level.

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