Darnytska Square will be closed for transport


Darnytska Square will be closed for transport

It became known today that on the night of October 19 and 20, traffic on Darnytska Square in Kyiv will be banned. As roadway repair work is now in its final stages, there is a need to block roads in the area for some time.

This was reported in the KSCA press service and commented on the situation: “From 22:00 on October 18 to 09:00 on October 19, as well as from 22:00 on October 19 until 09:00 on October 20, traffic will be blocked on Darnytska Square. Road workers complete the major roadway work and will lay the top layer of asphalt this weekend at night. ”

Reported a specific area closed for travel. On the night of October 19, travel will be impossible starting from Kharkiv Highway to Gagarin Avenue and exit from Sobornosti Avenue to Gagarin Avenue. For the second time, on the night of October 20, the covered area starts at the exit from Gagarin Avenue to Peace Avenue and Sobornost Avenue. Such early notification should help prevent traffic collisions.

Traffic restriction is also possible on the night of October 21. However, this information is not accurate, details will be reported later.


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