President wants improvements for small businesses: a two-year moratorium


President wants improvements for small businesses: a two-year moratorium 

Today, October 15, an important meeting was held at the Office of the President of Ukraine. Experts, representatives of entrepreneurs, people's deputies, who, in turn, are the heads of the inter-factional deputy association "For the FOP", as well as representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, spoke. The main topic of discussion was small entrepreneurs and their future prospects. Trying to come up with a single position on this group of people, the Head of State initiated an interesting innovation: the introduction of a two-year moratorium on FOP checks of all categories, except for "risky", such as jewelry business.

The President said he very much wants to improve the conditions for doing small business in Ukraine. Deputy Head of the OP Yulia Kovalyov explains a certain plan of Zelensky: “FOPam actually guarantees the invariability of business conditions. And the MPs for the Association for the FOP are already preparing legislative initiatives to protect the interests of small businesses. In particular, they will work to translate electronic reporting to FOPs, simplify tax administration and other legislative initiatives. ” Separately, the President emphasized that during the first year of the law, there was some mitigation for any errors in reporting. He also suggested that a Small Business Coordinating Council be formed to discuss and accept or reject proposals for improving business conditions. This is the way to improve the business environment for small businesses, and even more to improve the fight against other large companies trying to use a simplified tax system to avoid tax evasion.

They also mentioned electronic checks for FOPs, which will only be introduced from 2021. Yulia Kovaliv assures that any intimidation of small businesses with penalties for failure to issue an electronic check from the new year is futile, and this is a common manipulation. Also, the deputy head of the OP reassures businessmen about the compulsory purchase of cash registers at a considerable amount of money. This is not necessary, as the State Fiscal Service will provide a free mobile application for everyone to use. Therefore, FOPs may not worry about their future in the near future, because they are trying to create them as quickly as possible for their effective work.

We remind that earlier representatives of small business actively protested against the Laws "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Application of Registrars of Settlement Transactions in the Field of Food, Catering and Services "on the Shadowing of Settlements in the Field of Trade and Services" and "On Amendments to the Tax Code Of Ukraine on the de-shadowing of payments in the sphere of trade and services », which, in fact, introduce electronic checks. The active protests were caused by the fact that the entrepreneurs did not have sufficient information about the rules of laws passed by the parliament, as well as due to certain rumors, misleading facts and manipulations. However, the protesters' calls were heard, which is why the meeting of the President with the relevant persons took place today.

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