Privatbank won an appeal from Kolomoisky in a London court


Privatbank won an appeal from Kolomoisky in a London court The appeal of Privatbank in the Court of Appeal of London and Wales was satisfied. The court found the case of the bank against its former owners Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov to be outside the jurisdiction of this court.

"The World Asset Arrest Warrant, which was obtained in December 2017, remains in effect pending the adjudication of the merits. In its decision, the Court of Appeal fully upheld PrivatBank's appeal on all issues, completely canceling the decision made by Judge Fancort in December 2018, "the bank's press service reports.

The court ruled that, in circumstances where a fraud claim involves what is determined by the judge to be fraud and money laundering in particularly large proportions. "

It should be noted that the Court of Appeal refused to appeal the decision to the plaintiffs.

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