Seven deaths after protests


Seven deaths after protests 

Anti-government protests are ongoing in Ecuador, with the exact death toll of 7 people in 2 weeks. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was most affected.

UNN, referring to Xinhua, said: "Seven deaths have been reported across the country, with most deaths in the Pichincha province, which is the capital of Quito."

The community began to oppose the government on October 3. To date, 1340 wounded have been reported. The so-called "leaders" in terms of casualties are considered to be 3 provinces: Pichincha, which has a leading position, Asuai in the south and Guayas in the southwest. The number of detainees is now 1,152. But the vast majority, namely 878 people, are now at large, with none of them charged or fined. Officially violators of the law are now recognized 274 people. This number will increase with further investigations. However, it is not known how many more people will be hurt before.

We remind that the reason for the protests and dissatisfaction with the society was the decree abolishing subsidies for diesel and gasoline, signed by Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno. The decree was signed on October 1 and came into force on October 3. This caused a sharp increase in prices by more than 120%. Undoubtedly, such a situation caused a violent reaction of people.

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