New subway branch: we can go to Troyeschina very soon!


New subway branch: we can go to Troyeschina very soon! 

Rumors about the construction of a new, 4 metro branch have been spreading for several years. However, recently the mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko has made some predictions that prove the reality of such intentions.

“As for the Troyeshchyna subway, I will not manipulate, in any case I will not promise anything. If there is funding, this is a matter of 3-5 years, ”Klitschko said on air of 112 Ukraine.

With such terms and promises, the people of Kiev are being “fed” for the first time, so now the mayor of Kiev is more cautious with words and “promises nothing”. However, residents of the capital are openly waiting for the promise. Klitschko reassures that the traffic connections between the left and right shores of the capital will be improved by the end of 2020. How this will be implemented provided that Metro Bridge and Paton Bridge are still in pre-existing condition is unknown. However, we can hope that these are not empty words. The mayor of Kiev explains that for several decades the infrastructure has not received adequate funding, but now as much money as possible will try to invest in this area so that bridges can continue to function.

We will remind that when Vitali Klitschko ran for mayors of the capital, one of the leading promises was construction of the subway to Troyeschyna. Unfortunately, the people of Kiev still do not travel on this subway.

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