Will Leonardo DiCaprio become a father soon?


Will Leonardo DiCaprio become a father soon? 

The young beauty with whom the pet of all women builds relationships, Camila Morrone seems pregnant. Leonardo DiCaprio did not last long with Camilla, and the couple did not make official statements about further development of their relations in the media, but Al Capone's stepdaughter has standard signs of being pregnant.

We learn about this from the Latin Times, who say the couple is expecting a baby. The source of the information is unknown, but their confidence is proven by rather banal arguments - the beauty does not appear in fitting dresses or other things that emphasize the figure. Media officials also noted that Camila often holds her hands on her stomach.

We have no confidence in the facts, but these are just rumors and assumptions. There are also facts that refute the information. For example, the manager of the actor said that now Leonardo has no plans to become a parent, he has other intentions for the near future that are completely unrelated to parenthood. And the Gossip Cop edition, which always reveals the secrets of fake celebrity news, claims that the actor is not expecting a baby now.

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