The European Commission will start working late


The European Commission will start working late Josep Borrell, the next head of EU diplomacy, suggests that the new composition of the European Commission may start working late. Borrel attributes this to the delay in hearing the European Parliament. According to him, it would be "reasonable" to assume that the new commission, headed by Ursula von der Liaen, will start work by December 1.

"Honestly, I do not understand how we can conduct the entire hearing process for three candidates to meet by October 23," he said.

The postponement of the start of the new European Parliament commission is due to the rejection of three candidates - from Hungary, Romania and France.

And if there are no difficulties with Hungary, and they have already proposed a new candidacy, then Romania is more difficult. After all, the Romanian government was distrusted last week.

The delay is also associated with the dissatisfaction of MEPs. The fact is that MEPs are dissatisfied with the nomination of Ursula von der Liaen instead of representing the largest group in Parliament.

We will remind that the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Prystayko will participate in the meeting of the European Parliament Committee on International Affairs.

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