Boxer lies in a coma after a knockout


Boxer lies in a coma after a knockout 

Victories in sports are very different, defeats - too. Today, after a fight between two boxers in the United States, one of them was taken to a hospital in a coma.

Daily Express reports that there was a duel between Patrick Day and Charles Conwell. Charles Conwell won in the tenth round, but at a rather tragic price: his opponent, who during the fight showed that everything was fine, ended up in the hospital. Doctors recorded a coma. "Patrick Dey was brutally knocked out by Charles Conwell, which led him to the hospital on the eve of his debut in the heavyweight division of Alessandro Usik. As soon as the patient was admitted to the hospital, the doctors determined that he was in a coma, ”they told the Daily Express.

This was unpredictable, as Patrick was knocked out in rounds 4 and 8. But he was confident that he was not going to give up and was ready to continue the fight. However, in the 10th round, Day was defeated after Conwell sent him a left hook in a knockout. This again proves that you need to stop and admit defeat in time.

Recall that today was the first battle of Alexander Usik in the heavyweight division, he became the undisputed winner. Vladimir Zelensky personally congratulated the boxer.

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