NASA launches the most powerful rocket in space?


NASA launches the most powerful rocket in space? 

Interesting information has become known: around mid-2021, NASA announces its debut launch into space carrier Space Launch System, which is now considered to be the most powerful rocket.

NASA is not planning a launch yet and does not specify an exact date, as they are waiting for the right moment to announce a particular day. However, they are somewhat ahead of one of the senior officials of the US space agency and said that the potential launch date of the "novelty" is mid-2021.

Also, during the presentation at the International Personal and Commercial Space Flight Symposium, the date was commented on by Acting Ph.D. NASA intelligence and operations administrator Ken Boversox: “The schedule we have to follow is very, very aggressive. We have a chance to put a rocket on the ground and launch it by the end of next year. However, when you start to take into account the various uncertainties, 2021 seems more likely. ” Accordingly, NASA is not in a hurry to officially publish the date, because the course of events can change every time, so far it is quite risky.

However, Ken Beaversox did say something at what stage the development was at now. It is known that the final stage of the construction of the main stage is planned for the end of this year and the final Green Run fire tests are planned. It will be sent to the John Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for such verification. But this test will not end, as the degree will later be sent to the John Kennedy Space Center for integration with 2 solid propellant rocket accelerators, the upper stage and the Orion spacecraft. This will be the final test and will show the possibility of launching Space Launch System media.

Recall that yesterday astronauts from the United States made a 7-hour space walk.

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