Russia makes it everywhere: aggressor planes bomb in Syria!


Russia makes it everywhere: aggressor planes bomb in Syria! 

Russian aggression has no limits: Investigations have shown that Russian aircraft bombed not only military facilities but also civilian hospitals in Syria.

Investigations were conducted by The New York Times and reported results that are shockingly shocking: at least 4 civilian hospitals have been hit by air strikes by the Russian army in Syria. The newspaper published the following conclusion: "The Russian Air Force has repeatedly struck at hospitals in Syria to suppress remnants of resistance to President Bashar al-Assad." Thanks to this investigation, it was possible to identify not only the Russian attacks that took place in May, but also the pilots who were on board and directed the operation. The New York Times coped with radio recordings of the Air Force pilots' conversations, as well as data from air surveillance services and some witnesses.

Such activity of the Russian armies is explained by the fact that Putin wants to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is a dictator and, accordingly, an ally of the Russian President. Through systematic attacks on civilian hospitals in specific rebel-controlled areas, Russia provides invaluable support to the Syrian president and implements its own aid strategy.

In total, there have been 266 such attacks since Russia's intervention in the conflict. In August, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres joined the investigation. His goal is to find out why hospitals that were added to the UN civilian list provided to Moscow and other combatants in order to prevent them from being attacked were still under fire and injured. It is still unknown about possible punishment for pilots.

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