In California, the sale of fur is prohibited


In California, the sale of fur is prohibited 

While we are trying to find the "path of truth" and begin to abandon the use of natural materials, it becomes an official ban in the United States. California is the first state to ban fur from now on.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported: "Fans of mink fur coats or chinchilla vests will soon have to buy clothing elsewhere because California has become the first US state to ban the sale of fur clothing." This is a great achievement, of course, because nowadays the whole world is crazy about animal protection. Eco-activists try to organize various events, organize rallies and protests, proving by their own example to society that no stylish attribute of a wardrobe is worth killing the unhappy defenseless animals.

Active civic engagement and public awareness are important, but when the ban becomes official, it is a real leap forward. In general, California is not the first to hold the championship, worrying about animals. Gov. Gov. Newsome has passed a law banning the sale and manufacture of new fur clothing and accessories. But in the state they are looking for sellers of similar products, they will have time to sell all stock of goods. The ban comes into force on January 1, 2023. There are undoubtedly many supporters of this ban who are convinced that it is necessary to stop the killing of animals for the sake of fur. However, it will be possible for traders to distribute second-hand fur clothing or scenery. Also, the sale of artificial fur, which is often made of plastic, is not prohibited.

 We would like to remind you that a large-scale All-Ukrainian March for Animals was held in Ukraine in September.

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