Ukraine is listened in NATO!


Ukraine is listened in NATO! 

The Annual Meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has been going on for 3 days in London, where the main issues and discussions relate to the situation in and around Ukraine, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. And today a powerful speech on sanctions against Russia was rejected by NATO because Ukraine's reaction was not at all approving. Our delegation made comments at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and they were not said in vain or left unheeded: the majority voted against the speech.

The press service of the People's Servant Party reports that the People's Deputy of the People's Servant faction Yegor Chernev spoke at the Parliamentary Assembly as the head of the Ukrainian delegation and his strong speech forced the PA participants to change their minds: “We insist on continuing sanctions against Russia because it an effective tool for pressure on the aggressor country. Sanctions have a cumulative effect, and they will certainly play an important role in changing Putin's regime. In the future, this will open the way to the return of the occupied Crimea and Donbass to Ukraine. "

Chernev said in his Facebook that he was so radical in speaking out and emphasizing our position on sanctions against Russia. According to him, the most controversial report of the representative of Norway Christian Tubring-Gedde was submitted to the NATO PA. Its main idea, the leading motive was "a certain weakening and very accurate application of them (sanctions - ed.)". Of course, such a course of events is absolutely not beneficial for Ukraine, so Chernev decided to act, and, as we see, not for nothing. His speech was clear and concise and had a remarkable result: for the first time in 22 years by a vote of NATO member states, Christian Tubring-Gedde's report was rejected!

Recall that on October 30-31, NATO officials will visit Odessa and Kiev.

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