Turkey's attack on Syria has killed more than 50 people


The BBC reports that as many as 50 civilians have been killed by the Turkish army in Syria.

Turkey's attack on Syria has killed more than 50 people 

"According to the latest data, about 50 civilians were killed on both sides of the border, about 100,000 were forced to leave their homes," the statement said.
In northeastern Syria, as a result of the advance of Turkish troops against the Kurds, fighting ensued around the border city of Ras al-Ain. Turkey claims to have already captured this strategically important city, but representatives of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) themselves deny it.

Recall that on October 9, Turkey launched Operation Source of Peace in northern Syria, home to Kurds, using aircraft and artillery shelling. The Turkish president has declared his intention to create a "safe zone".

October 10 At its meeting on October 10, the UN Security Council made no decision on Turkey's advance on Syria. Five European countries later called on Turkey to suspend unilateral hostilities. On the same day, US President Donald Trump threatened Ankara with sanctions and said he hoped to be a mediator between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds.

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