"The Joker": The director revealed the secret of a scaring dance



Recently, a movie of Todd Phillips' "The Joker" has appeared on theaters in Ukraine, and the audience is delighted. Emotions after viewing are twofold: one is pleasantly impressed by the incredibly professional filming, the talented actor and the powerful effort, while others are not fully consumed by the intense emotional and psychological pressure. There are hardly anyone who will call the movie a dull one, or remain indifferent after watching it. The highlight of the film is the mystery, the viewers try to understand some of the moments during the viewing and not all of them succeed. One such enigmatic aspect is the spooky dance of lead actor Joaquin Phoenix.

The Joker's dance is one of the key scenes of the film, the climax that even changes the course of the story. The principal director analyzes the situation and comments on how the idea originated. Phillips's first words were that the scene was agreed with Phoenix and changed at the last moment. Initially, the actor had to go to the restroom, hide the gun and wash off the makeup. However, this is a completely false manifestation of his character, the Joker would have behaved differently in this situation. Realizing this, the director decided to listen to a musical play by composer Hildur Gudnadottir along with the actor. Then Phoenix began to move smoothly, creating a slow, somewhat melancholic and hipster choreographic composition. It is this improvisation that has become decisive and we see it in the scene in which the Joker is full.

The director is inspired by this idea: "It made sense to both of us, because when we first met Joaquin when we were just starting to discuss what the Joker was, I said that he was one of the kind of people who live in music. That is why music and dance have become the main motif of the entire movie, a scene that symbolizes the birth of the Joker inside Arthur Flack, a first look at his essence. "

At the moment, viewers and critics have predicted that the Joker movie will be a major contender for the Oscar.

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