Zelensky about Poroshenko and the "Maidan"


Zelensky about Poroshenko and the 
At a press marathon, Vladimir Zelensky stressed that "his predecessor's rhetoric is changing, as is his status."

"Poroshenko's mistake is only in one that he thinks he can be the leader of another square. And he is ready (for him), you have seen the statement of Steinmeier himself, and the German side, the French side, and many European media - they are in shock because his rhetoric is changing as his status has changed. "

According to Zelensky, Petro still cannot believe that he is not the president. At the same time, Vladimir Zelensky said that he was not afraid of protests.

"As for the whole square - I am not afraid of this. At any moment, if the society does not want me not to be president, there will be no bloodshed."
We will remind that on October 6, Petro Poroshenko arrived at the venue for the Maidan.

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