Are you a Twitter user? Now your phone number is publicly available!


Are you a Twitter user? Now your phone number is publicly available! 

Active users of the Twitter social network may be upset: Twitter executives have since acknowledged that the personal information of the contributors has been shared with advertisers. However, this was done "not intentionally".

TechCrunch reports the following: "Twitter reported that it used phone numbers and email addresses provided by users to establish two-factor authentication in their accounts for targeted advertising." Similar cases have already occurred and this is clearly distrusting to users. For example, in 2018, the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook $ 5 billion for leaking personal information from users. This topic is very relevant now, as thousands of people from all over the world join the global social networking world every day. The relationship between the users and the management is built on trust, everyone hopes that the information entered remains private and is only required for registration. Few people know how things really work and where their data goes.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the social network cannot tell how the transfer of private data to third parties can affect the "affected" and what the consequences are for the company. However, we should thank the network's developers for using their list of targeted advertisers to see that their data is identical to that of Twitter users. Maybe if they noticed it later, the mailing would go on and more data would be distributed. Now Twitter followers are concerned.

It's worth mentioning that Instagram introduced a dark social networking mode, which amused users.

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