In New York, everyone switches to Uber helicopters


 In New York, everyone switches to Uber helicopters 

While we are proud of the fast delivery of Uber Eats and Glovo, in New York people will be able to use a helicopter to get to the right place.

Uber has begun providing full-fledged aviation services to ensure that everyone has access to a helicopter taxi service. So far, this is only possible in New York. But in general, such an opportunity is accessible to any resident, because the price category is not inflated and corresponds to quality. Previously, only representatives of the elite, the so-called premium category of society, could afford to fly between the required locations. In July, using Uber Copter, passengers could fly from Manhattan to John Kennedy International Airport. But now such restrictions have disappeared and the service is absolutely freely available for all users.

This way of moving to the right place is very convenient, because it takes a few minutes. For example, a helicopter can fly from Manhattan to Kennedy Airport in 8 minutes, which saves considerable time. The asking price is $ 200 to $ 225 per person for a one-way ticket. The price is considered normal, because for all convenience it is necessary to pay accordingly. It's also quite convenient to place an order through the mobile app. The helicopter's passenger capacity is 6 people.

Recall that recently in the US police were not able to catch the perpetrator, because during the chase, they ran out of electric cars.

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