The brutal massacre of a pensioner in the Lviv region


The press service of the prosecutor's office of the Lviv region reported that on Wednesday, a previously convicted resident of the village of Mala Kalinka, who is in the Lviv region, had committed a brutal crackdown on a pensioner who had come to help him with the farm.

The indictment has already been sent to court.

The brutal massacre of a pensioner in the Lviv region 
The incident itself took place on July 20, 2019 in Dolinyany, Gorodok region.

“The attacker was helping a 72-year-old man on the housekeeping. However, during a sudden conflict, he struck several deadly blows with a metal object on his head, ”the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

After that the killer loaded two lawn mowers and a bicycle into the pensioner's car and fled.

It was also revealed that on March 19, 2019, the defendant broke into a neighbor's premises and stole alcohol.

"The accused is suspected of committing the crimes provided for in Article 185 (2) and (Article 3) (theft), Article 115 (1) (premeditated murder and Article 289, part 2) (unlawful seizure of a vehicle) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine," the Ministry said.

The attacker is currently in a pre-trial detention center and faces 7 to 15 years in prison.

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