Russia's secret division leads to complete destabilization in Europe!


Russia's secret division leads to complete destabilization in Europe! 

The New York Times has made a shocking announcement of the revelation of Russia's top-secret unit, aimed at destroying stability in Europe!

"The destabilization campaign first took place in Moldova, followed by the poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria, followed by an attempted coup in Montenegro. Last year, an ex-Russian spy was assassinated by a nerve agent in Britain," the report said. So, the situation is explained in this way: in Europe there were different cases that alarmed the society and the authorities, in each of them the activity of the Russian special services was obvious, but not all situations were taken as a whole. It was thought that it just happened and it was just a coincidence. At present, the vision of European leaders is changing, as the intelligence services of at least 4 Western countries have learned about the secretive unit of the GRU of the Russian General Staff, all of which are aimed at destabilizing the situation in Europe and can prove that.

The New York Times recounts intelligence findings: "Western security services have now come to the conclusion that these operations, like many others, are part of a coordinated long-term destabilization campaign in Europe by the elite subdivision of the Russian intelligence system specializing in explosions , sabotage and murder ". There is an assumption that the Russians have been working this way for about 10 years, but Europe has been able to see the interconnection of all "subversive" situations and Russia's involvement only now.

Western intelligence services are now linking such activities to Putin's hybrid war on Europe, as all actions are properly coordinated as successful methods of warfare. Intelligence workers are trying to predict where Russian operatives will act next and what the consequences will be.

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