Why Usik will not be able to box with Ustinov?


Why Usik will not be able to box with Ustinov? 

The battle of Alexander Usik is once again in jeopardy. Boxer promoter Oleksandr Krasyuk reports this. As the fight with him failed through Tyrone Spong's doping test, Usika was looking for a new contender. Earlier, it was reported that the Russian heavyweight Alexander Ustinov agreed to box with the Ukrainian athlete. But it seems that there will be no fight.

"There is no chance that Usyk will not fight at all on October 12. But Ustinov will definitely not be his rival. Other options are being considered until I say which ones," Krasyuk said. So Ustinov's candidacy also failed.

Recall that the fight with Tyrone Spong was canceled, because he was caught using illicit drugs, namely clomiphene. Accordingly, he could not enter the ring against a Ukrainian fighter because of the use of suspicious substances.

The problem with Ustinov is somewhat different. Usik himself flatly refused to box with him, as he was convinced that the fight would be translated into the political plane and would not be perceived as a competitor in the sport. The Ukrainian fighter may be right. However, Ustinov would be a worthy contender, since he had already 39 fights in the professional ring, in which he had won 35 victories. Among them, 26 were knocked out. Anyway, the fight would be interesting.

It is also worth mentioning the recent achievements of the domestic boxer. The last fight with Briton Tony Bellew was difficult but successful: Usyk won by knockout in round 8. But this duel was the last in the first heavyweight division.

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