The first electric car from Lamborghini


The first electric car from Lamborghini 

The popularity of electric cars is gaining momentum, such a transport becomes everyone's dream. And such a dream cannot be called unattainable. After Tesla's tremendous success with the launch of electric trucks, other manufacturers have thought and, accordingly, started to introduce new technologies into production. Car manufacturer Lamborghini from Italy plans to present its first full-fledged electric car in 2025!

The basic information is from the Autocar portal: "The fourth Lamborghini model car, which inspired the Estoque Concept in 2008, may soon get the green light for the show by 2025 and become the first full-fledged electric car of the brand." For true fans of this model, such news is truly terrific! It is certainly gratifying that there is currently a tendency to protect the environment and provide comfort to drivers. This combination is definitely successful and should show good results very soon.

We now know only a few details about the future of the electric truck. It will be four-door, most likely, will be able to drive a distance of 563 km without additional charge, and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in at least 3 seconds. According to Mauricio Reggiani, head of research and development at the company, while manufacturers are discussing the location of the engine - front or middle.

Earlier, Lamborghini introduced the Sian hybrid electrified supercar.

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