"From the East and the West, only stones are thrown at this young man." Lukashenko about Zelensky and Donbass


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has stated that Vladimir Zelensky is one on one with Donbass. He said this at the Minsk Dialogue Forum.

"We left this Zelensky, who was loaded with this terrible cargo, not his problems, left alone with these problems ... Both from the East and from the West only stones are thrown at this young man. But wake up, after all. only in Ukraine, the war in our house, and to solve this problem for us. If the Norman four were worth something, it had been a long time to get together and solve something, "Lukashenka said.

As President Lukashenko said earlier, Ukraine will have no problems with Belarus.

Recall that on October 4, Lukashenko and Zelensky met at the Second Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Ukraine.

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