"No" to circus animals: Ministry of Culture will not buy animals for circus



Zoo-activist for the founder of the UAnimals movement, Alexander Todorchuk, posted important information on his Facebook page: The Ministry of Culture will no longer buy any animals for state circuses. Today, this is an important step and can be a precondition for changes in the outlook of Ukrainians.

"Good news on circuses! After a dozen actions, petitions and protests, we finally got the chance to ban circuses with animals. A week ago, I had a personal meeting with the Minister of Culture. that the Ukrainian circuses should be without animals, and the point is that the Ministry of Culture is now suspending the purchase of new animals and setting up a working group to develop a plan for removing animals from state circuses as soon as possible. and the creation of a plan that is most humane to animals. But most importantly, for the first time, we have a clear and unambiguous ministry position, "Alexander reports. Todorchuk also said that the precautionary measures for solving the problem have been going on for a long time and we have some positive changes. In dozens of cities, mobile circuses are banned. In the famous circus "Kobzov" there are no more rooms with animals, and in Odessa now no animals are attracted to the international circus festival.

Certainly, such news pleases, as soon as possible we expect action and real noticeable changes: in the circus - without twists. It is important that the Minister of Culture, Vladimir Borodyansky, absolutely shares the point of view of zoos and tries to support them. Earlier, he stressed that "Ukraine should become a country with no circuses with animals as soon as possible." We hope that such harmony and united purpose will help to achieve strong results.

There are 7 state circuses in Ukraine: in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Dnipro. They are considered "epicenters of animal exploitation".

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