What binds galaxies together? Great opening!


What binds galaxies together? Great opening!  

The cosmic story is gaining momentum, and new discoveries are decisive. This time the world was surprised by a group of astrophysicists from the leading countries of the world - Japan and the USA, and their colleagues from Europe also joined them. They discovered in space a huge mega-structure that binds galaxies in the Universe to each other. Has the great mystery been solved?

"Gas is made up of filaments whose position and velocity correlate with star-forming galaxies, confirming the theoretical picture," Science reported. The famous discovery of a large number of galaxies after the Big Bang is beginning to be confirmed, as evidenced by the indisputable facts. Scientists are actively engaged in this research, because they find explanations for the existence of many galaxies and confirm theories that indicate the appearance of objects in galaxies at the intersection of galactic filaments or so-called "filaments."

It was the first time he had noticed this phenomenon and found confirmation of it. Scientists have fixed the galactic filaments thanks to the Lyman-alpha ultraviolet radiation, which has helped to monitor the ionization process of neutral hydrogen gas. We look forward to the results and further discoveries.

Recall that on October 21, there will be the first only female spacewalk.

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