Artists do not rest: a new beauty on "Pochaina"


Artists do not rest: a new beauty on 

In the capital, art is in its prime: murals do not stop appearing on the walls, and interesting and always unique art sculptures adorn almost every street. It is nice that people do not lose their creativity even in the most difficult conditions and they try to convey to the society the importance of what surrounds us. A majestic British-style five-meter bulldog will greet residents and guests of the capital near the Pochayna metro station in Kiev.

One of the creators of extraordinary sculpture Oleg Godunok told this nice news on his Facebook page. The artist sincerely expressed his joy and decided to share it with the readers: "We did it! Ready to receive a gift from us? He is in front of you. We decided to make a surprise for the capital of our Ukraine. Now in the city of Kiev will live English 5 meter bulldog (so far the largest sculpture we have created). "

Artists do not rest: a new beauty on 

It turned out that sculptors had long dreamed of such a work and that was their main goal, which they eventually achieved. Now such beauty will make all the passers-by near the "Desperate" smile and give a good mood for the rest of the day!

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