"I`ll be back": Suprun will work to create an independent think tank in Ukraine.


Ulyana Suprun wrote about her intention to create an independent think tank in Ukraine on her Facebook page as part of a trip to the United States.


"There have been meetings at several think tanks in the United States, discussing joint projects not only in health but also in national security and culture. But we will also look at what is happening in law enforcement and the judiciary. if they do not work, then almost nothing can work in the country, including medicine. We want to create a powerful independent think tank in Ukraine to analyze the policies that are being implemented and give expert advice to the authorities and civil society, " pts the Ministry of Health.

Suprun also said that she has a lot of work in the field of education.

"So we want to continue our tradition of public communication of a healthy person and develop our communication platform. In our society, we need to develop a culture of healthy discussion and healthy criticism. It is necessary for someone to break topics that are not talked about or simply not enough time. Soon I `ll be back, 'said Ulyana Suprun.

She also added that she had visited the United States to personally thank the donors and partners of Ukraine who helped implement and support the transformation of the health care system.

"At these meetings, we also talked about what we can do to ensure that the results of our work together are not lost and the changes that Ukrainians are looking forward to continue. We with the team did everything possible to ensure that the transition of power and the transfer of affairs in the ministry were as complete as possible. civilized, and the system continued to operate in full-time mode, "Suprun commented.

“And for us, as she said, we are not disappearing and we continue to work for the benefit of Ukrainians. It turns out that this can be done without a post, ”Suprun summed up.
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