The new National Police Chief proposes to legalize prostitution


The new National Police Chief proposes to legalize prostitution 
Igor Klimenko, the new head of the National Police, spoke with the online edition of Left Bank, where he said that he was in favor of legalizing prostitutes, but opposed the legalization of easy drugs.

"If a civilized, legislative decision on the legalization of prostitution is made at the state level, probably yes. Because we still won't get rid of it. With regard to the legalization of light drugs, I have seen what ends up taking light drugs in children. I think society is not ready for that yet, "Klimenko said.

In his interview, Klimenko noted that as long as there is a war in the Donbass, even no one can speak about the legalization of firearms. It was also about the gambling business, which according to the new chairman, should be under strict control.

We will remind that Igor Klimenko replaced Sergey Knyazev in a post of the Head of the National police.

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