Only women are in space


Only women are in space 

October 21 will be a significant day in the so-called "space" history. NASA has a great plan for which there is no doubt - the first open space expedition will be exclusively women's expedition. Certainly, there were attempts to arrange such a thing before, but unfortunately, all were unsuccessful. The reason was simple and banal: the suits did not fit women. However, this time everything is well thought out and there is confidence in the excellent results. The main actors in the experiment, the women who go down in history, will be the bold Christina Koch and Jessica Mayr.

As a whole, October will be very busy for "space": 3 exits are planned! However, on October 6 and 11, astronauts Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan will fly, but on October 21, Jessica Mayr will join Christina instead of Andrew. Everyone looks forward to the soon-to-be-realized, purely feminine exit.

The astronauts' main goal and task will be to replace the solar array battery and upgrade it to lithium-ion batteries, as well as to upgrade the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a device that explores the "fundamental nature of the universe." Hopefully, women will accomplish the mission and make their last names in world and even world history!

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