With head trauma and tied hands: a man's body was found in the pond

On October 6, a corpse was found in a village in Lunka village, Chernivtsi region, according to the regional police press service.С травмой головы и связанными руками: в пруду нашли тело мужчины 
The body was removed from the water by the State Emergency Service staff.
"The age of the man is about 20-30 years. The body showed signs of violent death - traumatic brain injury and connected hands. To determine the cause of death, the body of the deceased was sent for forensic examination," - said in a press release.
Upon opening criminal proceedings under part 1 of Art. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a pre-trial investigation is currently underway.
Police are still identifying the person, the circumstances of the murder and the perpetrators who may be involved.
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