The Poroshenko and Gordon scandal is live


On Friday, October 4, a lively discussion between journalist Dmitry Gordon and former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko took place on Friday, October 4, during the live broadcast of the program "Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster".

The Poroshenko and Gordon scandal is live 

Gordon has claimed that he became a cynic through Poroshenko because he ceased to believe in humanity and admitted that he considered him to be one of the most prepared politicians and a person who could have carried this visa at that time.

In addition, Poroshenko became a great disappointment for Gordon, because in the terrible times for Ukraine, he did not give up his Roshen Lipstick Factory.

″ I consider you to be one of the most prepared politicians and a person who at that time could carry this visa. But I have a personal claim to you: because of you, I became a cynic and lost faith in humanity. Why, when Ukraine was in blood, why did you not give this damn Lipetsk factory? ”The journalist told the ex-president.

Gordon noted that Poroshenko neglected every chance to go down in history as the politician who saved Ukraine. However, he neglected it.

″ Why, when Ukraine was in the blood, when these negotiations were conducted, when Putin came forward, when there was no peace every day… why did you not give away this damn Lipetsk factory? Why didn't you say to Putin, "Well, damn it, this factory!" Gordon asked.

Poroshenko replied with an anecdote.

“Friends, we have such an anecdote about two Ukrainians. They say: how much are you willing to give to the state? A million ready to give away? - Ready. Will the villa be ready to give? - Ready. And the pig? - And the pig is not ready. Why? - Because I have it ”

Poroshenko also explained that the Roshen factory has not been operating in the Russian Federation since 2016, and attempts to sell it were unsuccessful and, as a result, the company was arrested "for pushing him as president."

“I am a definite opponent of the agreements with the Russian Federation. I will repeat what I have already said to President Zelensky. At these negotiations we will still be deceived. Putin does not keep his word, as he never has, ”he said.
“We have Donbass and Crimea - this is the territory of Ukraine. People who could do something went. There are no friends of Ukraine. If we launch enemies here yet, there will be a collapse altogether. Therefore, my recipe is to fence off and build the economy in parts, to show a prosperous country, to return Crimea and Donbass. Connecting with him is like death, ”Gordon said.
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