Ilya Kiva masturbates in Rada: VIDEO



Ilya Kiva masturbates in Parliament: VIDEO

Kiva’s MP got into camera lenses in Rada again.


The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the party "Opposition Platform - For Life" Ilya Kiva for the second time in a sessional day got into the camera lenses for a strange occupation in VR.

A place under the dome, where it is always fun, four letters. You may think that this is a circus, but there is also something to see in the Rada. Hard work, long and very important votes are tiring, and here these journalists are on the balconies, with their cameras. So our colleagues caught the deputy from the “Opposition Platform - For Life” Ilya Kivu, who corresponded with the model from Odessa and gave free rein to his hands.

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