Big return: Lorak is back in Ukraine


Big return: Lorak is back in Ukraine 

Every time the words are confirmed that Ukraine always wants to return. This time it is proved by the scandalous singer Ani Lorak, who seems to have mentioned the Motherland.

Today, Ani Lorak posted pictures on Instagram of one of her photos with her friend Diana Schwartz. In the post, she writes: "Beloved Kiev. Beautiful Podil. And my Diana." It seems that the singer, who lives and works in Russia, has moved to Kiev. In the photo, Lorak looks pretty ordinary, posing in a green jacket, gray jeans and sneakers, not smiling smiling. In insta-stories, where an artist walks the streets of the Ukrainian capital, she speaks Ukrainian. We do not know whether the singer got tired of rubles and life in a foreign country, whether she missed her motherland and her own nightingale. There is no information on the length of her stay in Kiev, so we cannot say exactly whether Lorak has returned forever.

In the network, the "enchanting" returns are negative. It seems that the star was not expected at home: "I hope your concerts will not be in Ukraine!", "How were you allowed here?" etc. It was these comments that exploded under the star's latest post.

Recall that Ani Lorak recently celebrated her 41st birthday.

Big return: Lorak is back in Ukraine Big return: Lorak is back in Ukraine 

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